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Special Offers

Offer #1:

Tyre Pressure Monitor System fully fitted to any vehicle for only £240.00 (normal retail price - £300.00) when purchased in conjuction with our wheel refurbishment service.


The benefits of having a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System are:

- better fuel consumption: a correctly inflated tyre will perform more efficiently than an under-inflated one

- extended tyre life: under-inflated tyres are the #1 cause of tyre failure

- improved safety: correctly inflated tyres add greater stability, handling and braking efficiencies

- financial savings: damage caused to tyres due to under-inflation is irreparable and results in having to purchase a new tyre  


Image is representative only, display may vary slightly.       




Offer #2:

We are offering 1/3 OFF our Headlamp Tinting service. Our usual price of £150.00 for a pair of headlamps will be reduced to just £100.00 when done in conjunction with a window tinting or wheel refurbishment.  

The vinyl we use has been developed in conjuction with UK MOT regulations and therefore is the first headlamp tinting vinyl to be 100% legal for road use.


Make the most of this amazing offer and get your car looking totally unique!


Here are a few examples:

bmw m3 headlamp tint




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