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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Slough, Berkshire

Diamond cut alloy wheels and refurbishment services from The Autowerks

Why should I get my wheels refurbished?

People choose to have their wheels refurbished for a multitude of reasons: they have been kerbed by the previous owner (nobody ever admits to having kerbed them themselves), they are corroding, there is pitting in the wheel cast, or simply because they wish to change the colour of the wheel. Some people bring their cars to us prior to selling them, which ensures that they can demand a higher selling price, as the condition of the wheels is usually a tell-tale sign to prospective buyers as to how the car has been cared for by its current owner.

How Do You Refurbish Wheels?

There are many methods used to refurbish a wheel, some methods allow the tyre to remain on the wheel whilst the face of it is being sprayed, others just repair the damaged part of the wheel and leave the rest as it is. However, we feel that the method we use gives the best possible finish.

Our unique and effective wheel refurbishment process is as follows:

01 - Take the wheel off the car
02 - Remove the tyre, balance weight and valve
03 - If required, disassemble the wheel into its component parts (i.e. two or three-piece wheels)
04 - Bathe the wheel in chemical stripping agent in order to remove the lacquer and paint
05 - Remove any damage i.e. kerbing, cracks, dents etc
06 - Lightly shot blast in order to key the surface of the wheel and treat any areas of corrosion
07 - Hot wash the wheel once again to remove any last remains of paint
08 - Bake until the wheel is fully dry and at correct working temperature
09 - Powdercoat the entire wheel
10 - Paint the wheel to the customers choice of colour
11 - Apply lacquer to increase the gloss of the finish and protect the paint
12 - Bake once again until the paint has fully cured
13 - Reassemble the wheel, re-fit the tyre, fit new rubber valve and balance the wheel.
14 - Fit the wheel to the car
15 - Stand back and admire the finish

As you can see, our wheel refurbishment process is designed to obtain the best possible finish.  Other companies either powdercoat or paint and lacquer the wheel, we choose to do both. The powder coat is extremely hardwearing and offers a good base for the paint to adhere. The paint and lacquer gives the wheel its aesthetic finish, and we can accommodate any preference of colour that our customers have.

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