Offering high-quality alloy wheel straightening and welding in Ascot, The Autowerks are here to help you if you scrape, kerb or bump your alloy wheels. While alloy wheels look fantastic when their new, potholes and uneven road surfaces can cause significant damage. In fact, damage to your alloy wheels could cause your vehicle to fail its MOT.
As well as the risk of failing the MOT, damaged alloys can cause excessive tyre wear as well as significant pressure and wear on the suspension components. To protect your car and your investment, contact The Autowerks in Ascot to book your alloy wheel straightening. At just a fraction of the cost of replacing your alloys, we can make your alloys look as good as new and completely damage-free so that you can enjoy much smoother journeys. Our alloy wheel straightening is offered as a while you wait service, so relax in our comfortable waiting room at our workshop near Ascot while we conduct a quick, yet thorough repair.


Looking for high-quality window tinting in Ascot? At The Autowerks, we provide professional window tinting for all vehicles. Our professional window tinting in Ascot follows the legal requirements of allowing 75% of light through the windscreen and 70% of light through the front window. However, we can make the rear windows as dark as you like. You can relax in our comfortable waiting room at our workshop near Ascot while we provide a quick, quality window tinting service. What’s more, we offer a lifetime ownership warranty with every window tint, so you can be sure your windows will always look great.


If you want to keep your car looking as good as new for as long as possible, then paintwork protection film in Ascot is a great choice. At The Autowerks near Ascot, we can apply a super-thin layer of vinyl to your vehicle which works as a barrier, protecting your paintwork from stone chips and scratch swirls without you even noticing it’s there. Furthermore, the high-quality vinyl that The Autowerks use is self-healing, so you’ll never notice a mark to your paintwork or the film on top. This keeps your car looking good and retains its value for as long as possible.


Make your vehicle gleam with alloy wheel refurbishment in Ascot. Our expert technicians can restore your alloys to look as good as new. As well providing a factory-style finish, we can also enhance your vehicle with a brand-new colour for your alloys. Our intense six-step process means that your alloys will look as good as new.


Looking to give your vehicle an edge? Improve the style, colour and overall aesthetics of your vehicle with caliper and hub painting in Ascot. Our team of expert technicians are on hand to provide a high-quality paint service for your calipers and hubs. Choose the colour you want (any colour goes), and we’ll get to work on producing a high-quality finish that you can be proud of, we can even add decals to make your vehicle truly unique in its look.
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