If you have damaged your alloy wheels, then it could be causing damage to your vehicle. Any tyres that are out of shape could be affecting your handling, cause excessive tyre wear and increase the pressure on the parts that make up the suspension. To prevent costly repairs later down the line, then it is wise to get your alloy wheels repaired straight away. At The Autowerks, our workshop near High Wycombe can fix your wheels with our alloy wheel straightening and welding service.
There are many benefits for choosing alloy wheel straightening in High Wycombe with The Autowerks. To start with, you’ll notice a much smoother journey after the repair, especially if you have been used to a vibration in the steering wheel. Alloy wheel straightening can also help to ease the pressure on your tyres and suspension, helping parts to last longer. At The Autowerks near High Wycombe, our high-quality repair service will ensure your alloy wheels look as good as new.


Protect your passengers and car interiors from harmful UV rays with window tinting in High Wycombe. At The Autowerks, we offer a professional window tinting service while you wait in our comfortable and relaxing lounge. Using only the highest quality materials, our window tinting blocks 99% of harmful UV rays while also reducing sunlight glare for safer, more comfortable journeys in your vehicle.
Our window tinting service follows the legal requirements for window tinting, allowing you to have rear windows as dark as you like but having 75% of light through the windscreen. What’s more, you can choose to tint all of your windows or only a few; the choice is yours.


Make sure your vehicle always looks fantastic by allowing the paintwork to shine through while it has protection from paintwork protection film. At The Autowerks, we offer paintwork protection film in High Wycombe to cover all or some of your vehicle. It is wise to protect any part of the car where there is a high risk of damage such as on the bonnet and front bumper or the rear of the vehicle. We make sure only to use quality, self-healing protective vinyl. This way you cannot notice the film is there and if the film does suffer from a stone chip, it will quickly repair itself, so you won’t be able to see a difference.


Make sure your alloys are always admired with alloy wheel refurbishment near High Wycombe. Our expert technicians can restore your wheels, so they look like they’ve rolled straight out of the factory. Alternatively, we can apply a brand-new paint colour to your alloys to give them a sharp and distinguishable look. Whether you want to go subtle and stylish or bold and daring with your alloys, The Autowerks team are here to help.


Take your vehicle to the next level of aesthetics with caliper and hub painting services near High Wycombe. Typically, your car will not have painted calipers or hubs, this not only worsens the look of your car but can cause them to corrode quickly. However, with caliper and hub painting in High Wycombe by The Autowerks, you can give your car an amazing finish in any colour that you want.
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