If you have clipped a kerb or ran over a pothole in Slough, then it may cause significant damage to your alloy wheels. Fortunately, if your alloys suffer damage in Slough, then The Autowerks are here to help. The Autowerks in Slough offers high-quality alloy wheel straightening and welding that ensures your wheels look as good as new.
At our state-of-the-art workshop in Slough, we use a high-powered hydraulic alloy wheel straightening machine that cuts the time of the repair that we can offer the same day service. Our experienced technicians will ensure a meticulous high-quality finish, so you can enjoy alloy wheels that improve brake performance, increase mileage and look fantastic, all for a fraction of the price of wheel replacements.


Give your car the aesthetics it deserves with high-quality window tinting in Slough. At The Autowerks, our experienced technicians will apply the best window tinting film that looks seamless and straight from the factory. Furthermore, we also offer a lifetime warranty for our window tinting service in Slough, so you can trust that your windows will always look as good as new.
We only select the best window tinting films which block 99% of harmful UV rays, while giving you the protection and reduced glare, so your car is even more comfortable.


It is so easy for the paintwork on your beautiful car to get damaged. Stone chips and scratch swirls from car washing are the most common culprits. However, you can protect your vehicle from paintwork damage by choosing paintwork protection film in Slough. At The Autowerks, we use self-healing film, so your car always looks spotless. The film is thin and subtle, so you won’t be able to tell that you have an added layer of protection on top of your beautiful paintwork. You can choose to have paintwork protection film all over your vehicle, or you may choose to apply the film in the high-risk areas such as on the bonnet and front bumper, or perhaps at the boot of your vehicle if your car is at risk of paint scratches from dogs.


Enhance your vehicle with alloy wheel refurbishment in Slough. At The Autowerks we can restore the original beauty of your alloys. Alternatively, you can select a bold new colour to give your vehicle a unique look. From factory colours to out-there choices we have a great range of colour options to suit every personality and every vehicle. Find out more about our high-quality alloy wheel refurbishment service in Slough by getting in touch.


Make your vehicle stand out for all the right reasons with style and enhanced aesthetics from caliper and hub painting in Slough. The Autowerks team love providing high-quality enhancements that significantly improve the look of your vehicle. With caliper and hub painting in Slough, you chose the colour and decals, and we’ll get to work in creating a truly unique look for your vehicle that gets noticed and admired.
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