If potholes in Windsor are causing damage to your alloy wheels, then make an appointment to see the specialists at The AutoWerks who can conduct alloy wheel straightening and welding as a same day repair service. Offering alloy wheel straightening in Windsor, our expert team are on hand to provide a speedy same-day service.
Do you need alloy wheel straightening in Windsor? Potholes and kerbs can cause significant damage to your alloy wheels. If your wheels buckle or have a flat spot, then your vehicle may struggle with excessive tyre wear and additional pressure on your suspension. Often, you are able to detect damage to your alloy wheels through a vibration in the steering wheel. So, to save yourself from costly suspension repairs in the future, book our team for alloy wheel straightening in Windsor.


Do you want to add value and style to your vehicle? Then visit our vehicle workshop near Windsor for professional window tinting that instantly enhances the aesthetics of your car. Not only does a window tinting service add to the look of your vehicle, but it can also help to reduce sunlight glare as well as blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. As a result, you can protect the interiors of your vehicle from sunlight damage while also increasing the security of your car.
At The Autowerks near Windsor, we follow the legal requirements of window tinting but will be able to explain all of the options to you so you can get the look that you want. Pop in for a chat or email us with your requirements.


Paintwork protection film is a fantastic way to protect your vehicle from paintwork damage. At The Autowerks, we help to protect vehicles in Windsor with our paintwork protection film services. Operating across Windsor, we can help to cover high-risk areas of your car so that it doesn’t suffer from stone chips, scratch swirls or other paintwork damaging activities. Give your car the added protection it needs in high-risk areas such as protection film around the rear of the car if you have a dog or around the doors if you have kids. The paintwork protection film is super-thin and subtle that you won’t even notice it’s there.


Give your alloy wheels a new lease of life with alloy wheel refurbishment in Windsor. From refurbishing damaged alloys with the existing colour to upgrading your vehicle with a brand-new look, we can help restore your car to its former glory. Go bold with bright, unusual colours or stay smart and sleek with a factory finish option. The choice is yours at The Autowerks near Windsor.


Protect your vehicle and enhance its look with caliper and hub painting in Windsor. So often, cars arrive with calipers and hubs that are unpainted. This can really detract from its look as well as meaning these integral parts may corrode quickly. You can extend the life of your hubs and calipers by protecting them from early corrosion with the caliper and hub painting service from The Autowerks in Windsor. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.
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