Have you clipped a kerb in Maidenhead? Sadly, even a small kerb scuff or going over a pothole on the roads in Maidenhead can cause damage to your alloy wheels. Damage to alloys typically includes buckling and flat spots, which can lead to excessive tyre wear and suspension issues. Furthermore, if your wheels are particularly damaged, then it can cause your vehicle to fail its MOT. Take action on damage to your alloy wheels as soon as possible with alloy wheel straightening and welding in Maidenhead with The Autowerks.
The Autowerks have a state-of-the-art workshop near Maidenhead complete with a comfortable waiting area, so you can relax while we complete a while-you-wait service. Our high-powered hydraulic alloy wheel straightening machine can reduce the time on the repair while still providing a high-quality finish which gives your wheels durability and a fantastic look.


Make your car more comfortable for the driver and passengers with professional window tinting in Maidenhead. Our meticulous technicians will apply quality window tint film that comes complete with a lifetime ownership guarantee. With a high-quality film and expert application, your window tinting will look like the vehicle has come straight from the factory, with a professional, seamless finish.
At The Autowerks near Maidenhead, we use only the best window tinting products so that it lasts the lifetime of your car ownership and so it enhances the aesthetics and value of your car.


Looking to protect your vehicle from stone chips and paint damage? Then visit The Autowerks in Maidenhead who can apply high-quality paintwork protection film. We use a high-quality, ultra-thin vinyl that serves as a barrier to paintwork damage such as stone chips and scratch swirls. You can protect your car all over with paintwork protection film. Alternatively, you may choose to apply it in high-risk areas. Bonnets and the front bumper often suffer from stone chip damage while around doors, and the boot where pets and children get in and out can also benefit from paintwork protection film to prevent scratches.


Make your wheels stand out from the crowd with alloy wheel refurbishment in Maidenhead. At The Autowerks, we follow a meticulous process to ensure your wheels look as good as (or better than) new. We start by inspecting the alloys for any damage; then we carefully strip them from the remaining paint and lacquer. After prepping the alloys with etching, we prime, paint and oven-cure the colour and then finish with a lacquer that enhances the colour and improves its durability.


Is your car lacking that certain something? You can enhance the aesthetics of your car with caliper and hub painting in Maidenhead with The Autowerks. Our team of experts can paint and protect the calipers and hubs that can prevent corrosion while giving the vehicle a stylish finish. Most calipers and hubs are unpainted, which doesn’t enhance the aesthetic. However, drop into The Autowerks workshop in Maidenhead, and we’ll happily paint your calipers and hubs in any colour that you want.
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