Alloy Wheel Welding

There are often situations where we need to weld an alloy wheel Welding either to repair a crack or to fill a section of the wheel where deep damage has occurred.

Cracked wheels

Potholes are a big reason why alloy wheels crack on the inner lip, the sudden shock force experience is transferred through the tire and into the wheel thus causing it to crack.

Our repair process involves cutting out the section of the wheel where the crack has occurred and TIG weld.

We are so confident that our welds are of such a high standard that we offer a 6-month guarantee against re-cracking.

Deep damage

Sometimes we come across wheels that have deep gouges or scratches on the face of the wheel that need to be filled in order for the refurbishment to be carried out satisfactorily.  In these instances we weld material to fill the damage before shaping it to the contour of the wheel in order for the repair to be undetectable.


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    • TPMS
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