Alloy Wheel Straightening

Damage caused to wheels by potholes is very common. Wheels can either become buckled or get a flat spot on the inner lip when being driven over potholes.

This damage could at the very least be an MOT advisory and worst case scenario be reason for a failed MOT.

Tell-tale signs of a wheel that is buckled or has a flat spot could be vibration felt through the steering wheel or the car, which could in turn cause uneven or excessive wear to tyres and suspension components.

Our alloy wheel straightening service reshapes the area(s) of the wheel that have been affected. Alloy wheel straightening is a specialist job and best left to our experienced technicians.

We usually complete the work on the same day and sometimes even whilst you wait, which means you are inconvenienced for the minimum amount of time.

Our aim when straightening alloy wheels is to get them as close to perfect whilst retaining the structural integrity of the wheel.

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